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Pioneer Tourbillon Mega Cool

REFERENCE: 3804-1205

A true balancing act at 6 o’clock, the Pioneer Tourbillon Mega Cool in steel and Blue Lagoon fumé dial features a double hairspring guaranteeing the highest level of precision. The opening on the dial, gives you a first row view of this beating heart which completes a full rotation every 60 seconds. Combine this with the robust Pioneer case for everyday use and darkened anthracite indices for candle lit dinners, this model is never out of place.

CASE: Steel
DIAL: Blue Lagoon fumé   
MOVEMENT: Tourbillon Automatic
STRAP: Textile
DIAMETRE: 42.8mm

Pioneer Tourbillon Mega Cool

型號: 3804-1205

採用精鋼與Blue Lagoon fumé湖水藍煙熏錶盤的開拓者陀飛輪Mega Cool腕錶在6點鐘位置設有一個平衡裝置,且配備雙游絲,能夠保證超高精準度。錶盤上的開口能夠讓人最先目睹這顆每60秒鐘旋轉一整圈的跳動“心臟”。此外,堅固耐用的開拓者錶殼適合每天使用,而碳灰色時標契合燭光晚宴的優雅格調——在生活的每一個場景,它都可以成為理想陪伴。

錶殼材質: 精鋼
錶盤: Blue Lagoon fumé湖水藍煙熏
機芯名稱: Tourbillon Automatic
錶帶材質: 織物
機芯型號: HMC 804
直徑: 42.8 毫米
動力儲存: 72 小時

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