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H. Moser & Cie.

Pioneer Centre Seconds Swiss Mad Red

REFERENCE: 3200-1207

A true partner, the Pioneer Centre Seconds in steel and Swiss Mad Red fumé dial is up for every adventure. With a rock-solid case capable of climbing to the highest of peaks and swimming in the depths of the ocean, it is an uncompromising force of nature. A watch to be worn in every situation.

CASE: Steel
DIAL: Swiss Mad Red fumé   
MOVEMENT: Centre Seconds Automatic
STRAP: Rubber
DIAMETRE: 42.8mm

Pioneer Centre Seconds Swiss Mad Red

型號: 3200-1207

開拓者大三針腕錶 (Pioneer Centre Seconds),精鋼錶殼,Swiss Mad Red fumé瑞士紅煙熏錶盤,是適合任何旅程的可靠夥伴。憑藉能夠登頂高山、深潛入海的堅如磐石的錶殼,此表以足夠征服大自然的強大力量助您安心踏上每一次旅程。其實,這也是一款十分百搭的腕錶。

錶殼材質: 精鋼
錶盤: Swiss Mad Red fumé瑞士紅煙熏
機芯名稱: Centre Seconds Automatic
錶帶材質: 橡膠
機芯型號: HMC 200
直徑: 42.8 毫米
動力儲存: 72 小時

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